We are engaged researchers who want to contribute to the development of physicians ‘with cool heads and warm hearts’.

Welcome to the website of the Professional Performance & Compassionate Care department (PP&CC). We are academics (Amsterdam UMC) who study how doctors function and perform every day. You can read about our research on this website. It also contains practical evidence-based instruments for evaluating performance.

It is our dream to contribute to a healthcare system in which ‘doctors with cool heads and warm hearts’ lead and supervise the provision of the best possible patient care. To achieve this dream, we are guided by the 3 pillars of professional performance: the continuous pursuit of excellence, care delivery on the basis of humanity and rendering account. If our dream is your dream too, we can probably achieve more results faster by working together!

What do doctors need to be able to perform to the best of their ability? How are the best doctors created? What motivates, frustrates and helps them? Is a good doctor always a good educator? How can doctors remain energetic and compassionate? ……These are questions that fascinate us and which we are trying to answer by means of research. We conduct that research in conjunction with doctors and trainee doctors as much as we can. You will find the research results on this website.

It is our aim to put these research results into practice immediately, both in clinical practice and practical training. That has for example led to an evidence-based approach to evaluating and developing individual specialists’ functioning (such as the IFMS system), contributing to the improvement of doctors’ vitality and measuring and promoting the educational climate in further education. The tools available for this can be found on this website. We take our research to practitioners too, through education, workshops and symposia. You can find out where we will be (diary) under the heading ‘academy’ and take a look at the material we have developed.