The TeamQ evaluates teamwork of members (all supervisors) in clinical teaching teams. The evaluation report contributes to improving insight of the teachers into the functioning of their teaching teams.

Supervisors within a teaching team are jointly responsible for ensuring high-quality residency training. Teamwork is crucial for creating a supportive learning climate within departments, guiding residents’ learning process, and the quality of training. The TeamQ feedback report can be used as guidance in the development of teamwork within teaching teams.

The TeamQ measures teamwork based on 48 items grouped into eight domains: task expertise, team expertise, team decision-making, program directorship, feedback culture, team results, engaging residents and residents’ empowerment. TeamQ is validated and developed together with clinical teachers (Slootweg et al., 2014).

All members of a teaching team fill out the TeamQ questionnaire individually.

Participation in TeamQ is anonymous for the members of the clinical teaching team. The result is a single group evaluation where individual performance assessments cannot be identified.

The TeamQ questionnaire is administered through a web-based system. Per teaching team, one feedback report is generated, which all team members can consult through their personal Perito Dashboard. There is a special feedback rapport for the Program Director – providing more detailed feedback on their specific role. The feedback report displays summary results about the teamwork domains, as well as detailed results on the teamwork items. The security of the system meets the highest safety standards.


The Professional Performance research group, studies teamwork within teaching teams. Dr. Irene Slootweg wrote her dissertation about this topic, which can be downloaded here