Group Monitor


The Group monitor (Groepsmonitor®) evaluates the clinical performance of specialist within a specialist group. The Group monitor is a helpful tool to gain insight into i) the perceptions that colleague-specialists, coworkers and patients have about the specialist group and ii) the perceptions that the specialist group has about themselves. The Group monitor is divided into six important domains for group performance: communication, organization, medical care, professionalism, collaboration, innovation and development. With this evaluation the specialist group can get insight in how well they perform and which domains deserve more attention.

A group of high performing individuals is not automatically a high performing team. Excellent collaboration with team members as well as other partners is essential for responsible health care provision to patients. In the Dutch context, several guidelines and “vision documents” have underscored the relevance of asking the opinion of collaboration partners to know how the specialist group performs.

To get insight in the performance of the specialist group feedback is needed, from those who have a close relation with them. Feedback of colleagues or patients of the specialist group, within the hospital and outside the hospital, helps the specialist group in knowing how they perform. Evaluation is based on questionnaires. There is one patient-questionnaire, one questionnaire for colleague-specialists and other coworkers, and one questionnaire for the specialist group members themselves. The questionnaires have been developed in close collaboration with medical specialists. The quality of the questionnaires is subject of further research in the Professional Performance research group.

All members of the participating specialty group are asked to fill out the Group monitor questionnaire. Colleague specialists, intern coworkers (such as nursing and consultation support), managers and, if applicable, referrers and patients are also asked to fill out the questionnaire. Filling out the questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes.

Participation in Group monitor is anonymous.

At the end of the pre-determined measurement period, all group members receive an evaluation report containing anonymized results of all evaluations.

The Group monitor evaluation is completely web-based. Filling out the questionnaires as well as receiving the final reports is completely automatic. The security of the Groupmonitor system fulfils strict safety requirements.

The questionnaires used within the Group Monitor® were developed in collaboration with medical specialists. PhD student Elisa Bindels is currently studying the quality of the questionnaire.