The WhatsUp is designed to take a short survey within your department on specific, self-selected topics.


Are there department-specific topics that you would like to gain some more insight into? For example, have you agreed on a new way of working with each other? Or have there been other developments? The WhatsUp is the ideal way to quickly gain insight into issues relevant to your department. Insights can be the start of reflection, conversation and possible change or improvement of certain things in the department.

The WhatsUp features up to five open-ended and up to five slider questions (answer scale 1 to 10). All questions are formulated by the department itself. These questions are not part of a validated questionnaire like the other tools available in the Perito Platform.

The questionnaire is completed by anyone invited by the coordinator (administrative “administrator” of the questionnaire). It is up to the department itself to decide whether the survey is intended for, for example, the AIOS group, the trainer group, nurses, or, for example, all department staff.

Participation in the WhatsUp is anonymous to all. Only the number of respondents is shown in the departmental report. Answers to the open-ended questions will be displayed in random order in the feedback report. Answers will not be traceable to an individual.

Completion of the WhatsUp questionnaire is entirely web-based through the Perito platform. Both filling in the questionnaires and receiving the WhatsUp report is automated. One WhatsUp report is generated per department. The security of the system meets the strictest security requirements.