Quick Scan


The Quick Scan self-evaluates the collaboration between members of a specialty group. The Quick Scan (QS) is instrumental in gaining insight in both the strengths and areas for improvement, and facilitates the priority setting of the self-identified improvement points. The QS can be used by all specialties. The QS is available at the Perito Professional Performance platform which fully facilitates the web-based data collection and feedback report generation.

In 2004 the QS was revised in a national project initiated by the Federation of Medical Specialist and facilitated by the Dutch Institute of Healthcare Improvement CBO. The QS questionnaire was last updated in 2015. The current Quick Scan is divided into six domains of specialty group performance: vision and shared goals, cooperation structure, decision-making process and supporting systems, climate and communication, results and reputation of the group and safety culture.

Specialty groups are responsible for delivering high quality and safe patient care, for which high performance of the group as a whole is crucial. In the Netherlands, many scientific specialty societies use the Quick Scan as part of their Quality Visitation Program (external peer review). Participating in these external peer review visits is one of the requirements for medical specialists’ individual re-registration or recertification.

The QS evaluation is questionnaire-based. All members of the specialty group fill out the same questionnaire covering the 6 group performance domains. The questionnaire items  describe ideal typical situations which need to be scored in terms of (i) how well they resemble the current situation of the group’s functioning and (ii) their perceived relevance for the group’s performance. A combination of the two scores ultimately provides a priority ranking of the performance domains most in need of improvement.

All members of the participating specialty group are asked to fill out the Quick Scan questionnaire. Completing the questionnaire takes approximately 10 minutes. Data collection is fully facilitated by the Perito platform.

Participation in the QS is anonymous for all respondents .

All members of the specialty group receive the group evaluation report showing the results based on all the (self-)evaluations. The report also includes an overview with a prioritization of the performance aspects that need to be improved.

The QS is completely web-based. Filling out the questionnaires and generating the final reports is automated in the Perito platform. Perito is fully compliant with all safety and privacy requirements.