The Amsterdam Centre for Professional Performance & Compassionate Care (PP&CC) endeavours to support doctors in their pursuit of excellence, care delivery on the basis of humanity and rendering account. We do so by drawing on the academic tradition and developing, scientifically substantiating and continually improving the systems and instruments which are described and provided here in order to measure doctors’ individual and team performance.

Specifically, this means that all the tools you will find on this site have been developed in consultation with educators, doctors training to be specialists and possibly other experts, and are the result – and enduring topic – of scientific evaluation and research. As such, we support evidence-based evaluation, reflection and the improvement of doctors’ performance in clinic practice and practical training.

We can be open about that evidence: you will find the results of the research under the heading ‘Research’. Possibly the most important thing for you to know is that we have set ourselves the goal of working with and for doctors to enable them to be, remain or become good medical specialists and, furthermore, educators.