Who are we?

The researchers at the Amsterdam Centre for Professional Performance & Compassionate Care (PP&CC) are enthusiastic people who – by means of applied research and teaching – devote themselves to supporting and clarifying effective functioning and performance by doctors every day. ‘Good medical treatment’ requires doctors with cool heads and warm hearts. These doctors will be able to give patients the best possible care. Providing the best possible care for every patient is an ambition shared by the researchers at PP&CC and the doctors and other colleagues and experts we work with.

As a research group, we have jointly defined a number of values. These values are at the heart of our work to produce knowledge, attractive publications and relevant evaluation systems. These values contribute to our being reliable partners for each other and our clients. We would like to invite you to join the discussion about our seven values:

    1. We actively seek out scientific debate
    2. We behave as ‘active learners’ and support colleagues on their learning path
    3. We cherish and draw on the diversity in our research group
    4. We are actively and personally committed to our target group/clinical practice
    5. We contribute to the effective and efficient organisation of our work
    6. We look after each other
    7. We choose quality.