Coaches & Facilitators

The research group PP&CC has no exclusive association with professional supervisors or coaches. As an academic institution, it befits us to have an independent position. There are, however, a number of professionals who are very familiar with the instruments we have developed, who are prepared to contribute ideas for our research into doctors’ functioning and performance and with whom we have built up a good partnership over the years. In other words, professionals who are just as enthusiastic as we are about wanting to create doctors with cool heads and warm hearts.

  • With Annemiek Nooteboom, MSc, we collaborate on the Physicians  Assessment Program (IFMS). She took the lead in developing the DANA-method (Developmental Appreciative Navigation Approach) for the coaching interviews with medical staff. As a psychologist and experienced coach she is an expert in coaching doctors. She also has extensive experience with our SETQ and DRECT evaluations .
  • Monica Grasveld, MSc, is an extremely experienced facilitator and mediator for physician groups. She is open, direct and improvement and patient driven. The Quick Scan has no secrets for her, she also knows the tool from her involvement in the External Peer Review (Visitatie) program. Monica was trained as a professional development coach, by Annemiek Nooteboom.
  • We met Nathalie Hugenholtz, PhD, through our physicians’ well-being project. She is a positive and reliable collaborator. She conducted her own PhD research at the AMC and knows the academic and medical world from inside out. She is a coach for faculty and residents. Their well-being (i.e. burnout and  job crafting) is in good hands with her.
  • Barbara Doelenman, MSc is a highly engaged expert on mindfulness and compassion. She lives her own teachings which makes her a great teacher, trainer and partner! She is the founder of BFC Compassionate Care & Mindful Medicine, and initiated the International Compassion Community for daily (online) meditations for healthcare professionals. We collaborate with Barbara in compassion training for residents and research on (self) compassion.
  • Maud Bik, MSc is a very experienced consultant, trainer and group – and process mediator. Quality management in hospitals and quality management of the medical profession do not hold any secrets to her. Maud was trained as an occupational therapist and healthcare scientist (Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands), has a black belt in the Lean Six Sigma method and has been schooled in communications and decision making using the Deep Democracy approach. Maud loves (complex) change projects with healthcare administrators and medical doctors.